interface CSSFormatConfiguration {
    braceStyle?: "expand" | "collapse";
    maxPreserveNewLines?: number;
    newlineBetweenRules?: boolean;
    newlineBetweenSelectors?: boolean;
    preserveNewLines?: boolean;
    spaceAroundSelectorSeparator?: boolean;


braceStyle?: "expand" | "collapse"

put braces on the same line as rules (collapse), or put braces on own line, Allman / ANSI style (expand). Default collapse

maxPreserveNewLines?: number

maximum number of line breaks to be preserved in one chunk. Default: unlimited

newlineBetweenRules?: boolean

add a new line after every css rule: Default: true

newlineBetweenSelectors?: boolean

separate selectors with newline (e.g. "a,\nbr" or "a, br"): Default: true

preserveNewLines?: boolean

whether existing line breaks before elements should be preserved. Default: true

spaceAroundSelectorSeparator?: boolean

ensure space around selector separators: '>', '+', '~' (e.g. "a>b" -> "a > b"): Default: false