Interface IUnicodeHighlightOptions

Configuration options for unicode highlighting.

interface IUnicodeHighlightOptions {
    allowedCharacters?: Record<string, true>;
    allowedLocales?: Record<string, true>;
    ambiguousCharacters?: boolean;
    includeComments?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace";
    includeStrings?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace";
    invisibleCharacters?: boolean;
    nonBasicASCII?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace";


allowedCharacters?: Record<string, true>

Defines allowed characters that are not being highlighted.

allowedLocales?: Record<string, true>

Unicode characters that are common in allowed locales are not being highlighted.

ambiguousCharacters?: boolean

Controls whether characters are highlighted that can be confused with basic ASCII characters, except those that are common in the current user locale.

includeComments?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace"

Controls whether characters in comments should also be subject to unicode highlighting.

includeStrings?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace"

Controls whether characters in strings should also be subject to unicode highlighting.

invisibleCharacters?: boolean

Controls whether characters that just reserve space or have no width at all are highlighted.

nonBasicASCII?: boolean | "inUntrustedWorkspace"

Controls whether all non-basic ASCII characters are highlighted. Only characters between U+0020 and U+007E, tab, line-feed and carriage-return are considered basic ASCII.