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Deployment Acceleration Guides⚓︎

The deployment acceleration guides (DAGs) are written and updated continually by the global Compliance CxE team and are a resource designed to help with the following:

  • One Compliance Story covering how each solution complements each other
  • Best Practices based on the CxE team's experience with customer roadblocks
  • Considerations to take and research before starting your deployment
  • Help Resources links to additional readings and topics to gain a deeper understanding of the solution
  • Appendix for additional information on licensing

The guides can be used both independently, but we recommend using all the solutions together for your deployment needs. We are not recommending one solution be implemented before another but have included information in each guide to tie all the solutions together with features to consider during your implementation. The guide covers current released feature as of today and is continuously updated as additional features progress from beta, or private preview to general availability.

How to use the Deployment Acceleration Guide⚓︎

Organizations of all types are moving to the cloud and adopting more solutions to meet data protection and compliance requirements from the Microsoft 365 (M365) suite of capabilities. Use this guide as a comprehensive source for the suite of solutions across information protection and compliance. Start by understanding best practices, key considerations and lessons learned from others who have gone before you. Use this cumulative knowledge and processes outlined in the following pages to drive alignment and consensus in your organization by taking the first steps toward a more secure, compliant posture for your organization in the cloud.

Each of the sections in this guide can be leveraged as standalone guidance, or all together to define your overall compliance strategy. Many of the solutions covered in this guide will require participation from various teams and business groups within your organization. Customers who achieve successful roll outs of the capabilities typically prioritize by a use case scenario and create a working virtual team to manage the requirements validation, proof of concept testing in a pre-production environment, internal checkpoints, and approvals and finally deployment into the production environment. We recommend identifying your top 1-2 scenarios for deployment and tackling those first, with the right resources from your broader team engaged. Once those priorities are deployed, come back to this guide to identify the next two priorities for deployment and repeat the process of stakeholder alignment, testing and validation on the path to successful deployment.

We believe our solutions from Microsoft 365 are the best of suite to help our customers know their data better, by protecting and governing data throughout its lifecycle in a heterogenous environment. This is often the key starting point for many of our customers in their modern compliance journey – knowing what sensitive data they have, creating flexible, end-user friendly policies for both security and compliance outcomes and using more automation and intelligence.

Getting Started⚓︎

Before jumping into the various sections detailing the deployment, there are some planning and prerequisite items that should be addressed. These include general prerequisites, such as scheduling and recommended attendance of meetings, and support and communication planning. We will touch on these items and provide some general guidance based on what we have seen help customers succeed in deployments of Microsoft Information Protection & Compliance.

While these tips are meant to help guide you on your deployment journey, please keep in mind that these items will vary widely depending on the size, regulatory requirements, and complexity of your organization.

DAGs By Feature⚓︎