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Privacy Policy⚓︎

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This site does not directly collect any data that can be used to identify you. If you consent, we may use cookies for analytics purposes only.

The fine print⚓︎

When we launched our site, we wanted to provide a transparent and privacy-focused experience for our visitors. Our only goal with this site is to provide guidance enriched by our 1:1 customer relationships for deploying Microsoft Purview products. Therefore we elected to not collect any site analytics upon initial release.

However, over a short period of time, we learned that certain metrics are needed to better understand how many users are visiting our site, how many are or are not finding it useful, and what content is popular so that we can continue to provide guidance that is useful. Since we still want to be privacy-focused, we decided to use an open-source solution from Microsoft called Clarity which, by default does not use cookies to track our visitors. We have also elected to provide users the option to consent to allowing us to use cookies for analytics purposes only. Doing so will allow us to know if you are a unique visitor or a return visitor. With or without cookies, however, all information is for analytics only and for the sole purpose of improving our site.

  • If you choose to allow necessary cookies only, the only cookie we will drop is to allow your choice to persist.

  • If you choose to allow all cookies, we will only drop a cookie to allow your choice to persist and any cookies that Clarity uses.

  • If you choose to change your cookie preferences, all cookies that we previously dropped will be removed until you update your preferences. You can review the current status at the top of this page.

For more information on what data is collected by Clarity, review this document.