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Last updated: 05/10/2021

One Compliance Storyβš“οΈŽ

  • Our Data Classification solution will play an important role in not only your information protection strategy but also your information governance and records management deployment. Content Explorer will allow you to scan your content before you create any policies with zero change management. You will be able to see what sensitive information types (SITs) exist in your environment and create your own. These SITs can be leveraged to auto-apply retention, record, and sensitivity labels as well as trigger DLP policies. Activity Explorer provides the ability to monitor what’s being done with your labeled content which will allow you to see the impact that the retention and records labels are having in your environment to help assess your protection and governance policy needs.

  • Having a strong information governance and records management posture ensures that content that needs to be retained is retained in-place and content that does not need to be retained is deleted. The downstream effects of a strong information governance and records management posture should be considered for your governance strategy. Less data means less risk and lower litigation costs.

  • Microsoft eDiscovery tools support items encrypted with Microsoft encryption technologies. These technologies include Office Message Encryption, Azure Rights Management, and sensitivity labels. If a file that is encrypted with a Microsoft encryption technology is attached to an email message or located on a SharePoint or OneDrive account, those encrypted items are decrypted when the search results are prepared for preview, added to a review set in Advanced eDiscovery, and exported. Should you need to further investigate messages identified by your communication compliance policy, you can use the Escalate for Investigation control to create a new Advanced eDiscovery case. You will provide a name and notes for the new case, and user who sent the message matching the policy is automatically assigned as the case custodian.

    Things to note for both Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance integration with Advanced eDiscovery: - The underlying content of the escalation from IRM/CC is automatically added to a review set in the case in Advanced eDiscovery. You can put data sources on hold or run further searches on the custodians and locations that you deem relevant and add results as per relevance to the same or different review sets. - For the IRM or CC admin to have visibility to the case in Advanced eDiscovery, it is essential for them to have the eDiscovery Manager/Administrator privilege.

  • With information in many locations organization need an easy way to be able to audit then activities across many different services in Microsoft 365. Advanced Audit helps organizations to conduct forensic and compliance investigations by increasing audit log retention required to conduct an investigation, providing access to crucial events that help determine scope of compromise, and faster access to Office 365 Management Activity API.

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