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Certificate Check

This check retrieves all certificates from the Exchange server by using the Get-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet. We display the following information:

  • FriendlyName
  • Thumbprint
  • Lifetime in days
  • Key size
  • Signature algorithm
  • Signature hash algorithm
  • Bound to services
  • Current Auth Certificate
  • SAN Certificate
  • Namespaces

We also perform the following checks:

  • Certificate lifetime check:

    • We show a green output, if the certificate is valid for 60 or more days.
    • We show a yellow warning, if the certificate lifetime is between 30 and 59 days.
    • We show a red warning if the lifetime is < 30 days.
  • Weak key size check:

    • We show a red warning, if the key size is lower than 2048 bit.
  • Weak hash algorithm check:

    • We show a yellow warning if the hash algorithm used to sign a certificate is weak.
  • Valid Auth certificate check:

    • We check if the certificate which is set as current Auth certificate is available on the server.

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