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Cloud Connector Check

This check performs testings against the Exchange Send- and Receive Connectors which are enabled for cloud usage if a hybrid configuration was detected. We run Get-HybridConfiguration to validate if hybrid has been configured for the environment.

A proper configured Send- and Receive Connector is important - especially in hybrid scenarios. A misconfigured connector can lead to multiple issues including broken tenant attribution and email classification (internal / anonymous) which can then lead to false-positive/false-negative.

We to make sure that the mail flow between Exchange on-premises and Exchange Online works as expected

If a Send Connector has the following setting set, it means that the connector is eligible for cloud mail usage:

  • CloudServicesMailEnabled

If a Receive Connector has the following setting set, it means that the connector is eligible for cloud mail usage:

  • TlsDomainCapabilities

We only perform testings for the Receive Connectors if:

  • TransportRole is set to FrontendTransport

We run the following checks:

  • Connector enabled check:

    • We show a yellow warning, if the connector is not enabled
  • Send Connector configured to relay emails via M365 check:

    • If TlsAuthLevel is set to CertificateValidation
    • If RequireTLS is set to true
    • If TlsDomain is set (only performed if TlsAuthLevel is set to DomainValidation)
  • TlsCertificateName configuration check:

    • We check if TlsCertificateName has been set
    • We check if the certificate which is configured in TlsCertificateName exists on the server
    • If a certificate was configured and detected on the system, we then check if it expires within the next 60 days
    • If a certificate was configured, we compare it with the TlsCertificateName returned by Get-HybridConfiguration
    • If a certificate was configured, we check if the syntax is correct and not corrupt. Expected syntax: <I>X.500Issuer<S>X.500Subject

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