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Download the latest release: SetupAssist.ps1

This script is meant to be run on the system where you are running setup from. It currently checks and displays the following when just running it:

  • Current Logged on User and SID
  • Are you running as an Administrator
  • Member of Domain Admins
  • Member of Schema Admins
  • Member of Enterprise Admins
  • Member of Organization Management
  • Current PowerShell Execution Policy setting
  • Checks to see if you are missing files in the installer cache (only checks to see if they are there, not if they are valid)
  • More than 1 powershell.exe process up and running
  • If reboot pending. (Add -Verbose to see where)
  • The current AD level of readiness for CU upgrading. Displays warnings if a mismatch is detected.

Additional Parameters are used for when they are called out from the SetupLogReviewer.ps1

Parameter Type Description
OtherWellKnownObjects switch Tests for deleted objects in the otherWellKnownObjects attribute