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Download the latest release: SetupAssist.ps1

This script is meant to be run on the system where you are running setup from. It currently checks and displays the following when just running it:

  • Current Logged on User and SID
  • Are you running as an Administrator
  • Member of Domain Admins
  • Member of Schema Admins
  • Member of Enterprise Admins
  • Member of Organization Management
  • Current PowerShell Execution Policy setting
  • Checks to see if you are missing files in the installer cache (only checks to see if they are there, not if they are valid)
  • More than 1 powershell.exe process up and running
  • If reboot pending. (Add -Verbose to see where)
  • The current AD level of readiness for CU upgrading. Displays warnings if a mismatch is detected.

Additional Parameters are used for when they are called out from the SetupLogReviewer.ps1

Parameter Type Description
OtherWellKnownObjects switch Tests for deleted objects in the otherWellKnownObjects attribute

Last update: November 24, 2021