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May 2022 Security Update

In order to protect against CVE-2022-21978 within your environment /PrepareDomain must be run against each domain that contains the MESO container within it.

Health Checker will query all the domains in the environment to see if it has a MESO container. If it does, it checks for a particular ACE or version number of the MESO container to see if we are secure. If we don't pass this check, it will provide what domains you need to run /PrepareDomain against.

In order to protect your environment from CVE-2022-21978, you must install the May 2022 SU or a newer SU/CU that contains this security fix. All SUs and CUs after May 2022 contain this fix. After you have installed this security fix, you must run /PrepareDomain or /PrepareAllDomains from the Exchange bin directory.

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