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Download the latest release: ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1

Running the script

.\ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1 .\EXSERVER01_FULL_000001.BLG

Registering script as a default handler

.\ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1 -RegisterHandler PowerShell must be running as an administrator for this command to work. The script will register itself as a shell handler for perfmon .blg files. You can then right-click any .blg file and select *ExPerfAnalyzer* to quickly parse the file.


This script was inspired by Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) and PMA.VBS (an internal tool used by Windows support).


  • This takes forever to run.

    It’s faster than PAL.

  • Why don’t I just use PAL?

    You could, but PAL takes even longer to run and throws a lot of false positives.

  • What’s the expected running time?

    v0.2.2 and an Intel Core i7-4810MQ @ 2.8Ghz processed a 1GB perfmon sitting on an SSD in 11 seconds.

  • Can I edit this script however I’d like?

    Yes, that’s the magic of open source software!

  • Do you accept pull requests? Can I contribute to the script?

    Of course!