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Download the latest release: ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1

Running the script

.\ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1 .\EXSERVER01_FULL_000001.BLG

Registering script as a default handler

.\ExPerfAnalyzer.ps1 -RegisterHandler

PowerShell must be running as an administrator for this command to work. The script will register itself as a shell handler for perfmon .blg files. You can then right-click any .blg file and select ExPerfAnalyzer to quickly parse the file.


This script was inspired by Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) and PMA.VBS (an internal tool used by Windows support).


  • This takes forever to run.

    It's faster than PAL.

  • Why don't I just use PAL?

    You could, but PAL takes even longer to run and throws a lot of false positives.

  • What's the expected running time?

    v0.2.2 and an Intel Core i7-4810MQ @ 2.8Ghz processed a 1GB perfmon sitting on an SSD in 11 seconds.

  • Can I edit this script however I'd like?

    Yes, that's the magic of open source software!

  • Do you accept pull requests? Can I contribute to the script?

    Of course!