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Download the latest release: Test-ExchAVExclusions.ps1

Assists with testing Exchange Servers to determine if AV Exclusions have been properly set according to our documentation.

AV Exclusions


Writes an EICAR test file to all paths specified in our AV Exclusions documentation.

If the file is removed then the path is not properly excluded from AV Scanning. IF the file is not removed then it should be properly excluded.

Once the files are created it will wait 60 seconds for AV to "see" and remove the file.

... .\Test-ExchAVExclusions.ps1 ...


Parameter Description
Recurse Places an EICAR file in all subfolders as well as the root.
OpenLog Opens the script log file.


Log file: $env:LOCALAPPDATA\ExchAvExclusions.log

List of Folders Scanned by AV: $env:LOCALAPPDATA\BadFolders.txt

Last update: November 24, 2021