Parts Unlimited MRP

Parts Unlimited MRP is a fictional outsourced Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application for training purposes based on the description in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Projectby Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. © 2013 IT Revolution Press LLC, Portland, OR. Resemblance to “Project Unicorn” in the novel is intentional; resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental.

The application uses entirely open source software including Linux, Java, Apache, and MongoDB which creates a web front end, an order service, and an integration service. The source files and labfiles used in these labs are available from the PartsUnlimitedMRP Git Repository

There is also a shortened URL avalable for this site which you can use if you wish i.e.

Training and Certification usage

The labs on these GitHub pages are used as part of two training paths and certification programs:

Lab Structure

The labs available on this page are divided into sections that correspond to online courses or are direct mapping to objective domains sections of the AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam.

GitHub pages lab sections and corresponding courses

PartsUnlimitedMRP Application - Key Features

  • Front end service - runs Apache Tomcat and talks to order service
  • Order and Integration service - runs Java and calls MongoDB
  • Integration service - present to integrate with Parts Unlimited Website
  • Includes a Dockerfile and sample publishing profile to publish to a Docker container
  • Includes Azure RM JSON templates and PowerShell automation scripts to easily build and provision your environment

For the labs based around the PartsUnlimited .NET application see the page It will show you how to use Visual Studio Team Services with a .NET application and is more aligned with Microsoft products, tools and services.

Issues and Updates

If you find any issues with the lab steps, you can open an issue in the github repo and we will try to help resolve it, although response times can vary. You can also look through any previosuly logged issues in case it has been reported previously.

If you wish to submit fixes directly to a lab you can do so by opening Pull Request in the same GitHub repo, i.e. against the file in question. See the bullets below for details.

  • The lab steps on this page are sourced from files in the gh-pages branch in the _posts folder.
  • To identify the correct file against which to open a Pull Request, note the last part of the URL on the lab in question from your browser i.e. for the Set Up Parts Unlimted MRP with VSTS lab, the URL is, so note the last part of that URL.
  • Then locate the corresponding file in the gh-pages branch in the _posts folder i.e. in this example it would be
  • Then open the Pull request against the file in question.
  • All lab step files are in markdown.
  • Images in the lab steps are located in the assets folder in individual lab folders. If you are not sure of the folder, the image location paths are available from the individual lab markdown files located in the _posts folder.
  • Updates to help keep the labs current are welcome.

You want to contribute ?

Please let us know, we are looking for people motivated to help us !

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