What's new#

Below is summarized list of important changes. This does not include minor/less important changes or bug fixes or documentation update. This list updated every few months. For complete detailed changes, please review commit history.

Jan 2022#

Dec 2021#

Nov 2021#

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March 2020#

November, 2018#

June, 2018#

  • Development workflow doc
  • Better Python 2 compatibility
  • OSX setup fixes
  • Almost complete rewrite of our APIs with new threading model, merging old APIs and creating few newer ones

April, 2018#

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.18 and Visual Studio 2017
  • API framework refactoring to support world-level APIs
  • Latest PX4 firmware now supported
  • CarState with more information
  • ThrustMaster wheel support
  • pause and continueForTime APIs for drone as well as car
  • Allow drone simulation run at higher clock rate without any degradation
  • Forward-only mode fully functional for drone (do orbits while looking at center)
  • Better PID tuning to reduce wobble for drones
  • Ability to set arbitrary vehicle blueprint for drone as well as car
  • gimbal stabilization via settings
  • Ability to segment skinned and skeletal meshes by their name
  • moveByAngleThrottle API
  • Car physics tuning for better maneuverability
  • Configure additional cameras via settings
  • Time of day with geographically computed sun position
  • Better car steering via keyboard
  • Added MeshNamingMethod in segmentation setting
  • gimbal API
  • getCameraParameters API
  • Ability turn off main rendering to save GPU resources
  • Projection mode for capture settings
  • getRCData, setRCData APIs
  • Ability to turn off segmentation using negative IDs
  • OSX build improvements
  • Segmentation working for very large environments with initial IDs
  • Better and extensible hash calculation for segmentation IDs
  • Extensible PID controller for custom integration methods
  • Sensor architecture now enables renderer specific features like ray casting
  • Laser altimeter sensor

Jan 2018#

  • Config system rewrite, enable flexible config we are targeting in future
  • Multi-Vehicle support Phase 1, core infrastructure changes
  • MacOS support
  • Infrared view
  • 5 types of noise and interference for cameras
  • WYSIWIG capture settings for cameras, preview recording settings in main view
  • Azure support Phase 1, enable configurability of instances for headless mode
  • Full kinematics APIs, ability to get pose, linear and angular velocities + accelerations via APIs
  • Record multiple images from multiple cameras
  • New segmentation APIs, ability to set configure object IDs, search via regex
  • New object pose APIs, ability to get pose of objects (like animals) in environment
  • Camera infrastructure enhancements, ability to add new image types like IR with just few lines
  • Clock speed APIs for drone as well as car, simulation can be run with speed factor of 0 < x < infinity
  • Support for Logitech G920 wheel
  • Physics tuning of the car, Car doesn’t roll over, responds to steering with better curve, releasing gas paddle behavior more realistic
  • Debugging APIs
  • Stress tested to 24+ hours of continuous runs
  • Support for Landscape and sky segmentation
  • Manual navigation with accelerated controls in CV mode, user can explore environment much more easily
  • Collison APIs
  • Recording enhancements, log several new data points including ground truth, multiple images, controls state
  • Planner and Perspective Depth views
  • Disparity view
  • New Image APIs supports float, png or numpy formats
  • 6 config settings for image capture, ability to set auto-exposure, motion blur, gamma etc
  • Full multi-camera support through out including sub-windows, recording, APIs etc
  • Command line script to build all environments in one shot
  • Remove submodules, use rpclib as download

Nov 2017#

Sep 2017#

Aug 2017#

  • simple_flight is now default flight controller for drones. If you want to use PX4, you will need to modify settings.json as per PX4 setup doc.
  • Linux build is official and currently uses Unreal 4.17 due to various bug fixes required
  • ImageType enum has breaking changes with several new additions and clarifying existing ones
  • SubWindows are now configurable from settings.json
  • PythonClient is now complete and has parity with C++ APIs. Some of these would have breaking changes.

Feb 2017#

  • First release!