Upgrading Settings#

The settings schema in AirSim 1.2 is changed for more flexibility and cleaner interface. If you have older settings.json file then you can either delete it and restart AirSim or use this guide to make manual upgrade.

Quicker Way#

We recommend simply deleting the settings.json and add back the settings you need. Please see the doc for complete information on available settings.



Previously we used UsageScenario to specify the ComputerVision mode. Now we use "SimMode": "ComputerVision" instead.

CameraDefaults and Changing Camera Settings#

Previously we had CaptureSettings and NoiseSettings in root. Now these are combined in new CameraDefaults element. The schema for this element is later used to configure cameras on vehicle.


The Gimbal element (instead of old Gimble element) is now moved out of CaptureSettings.

CameraID to CameraName#

All settings now reference cameras by name instead of ID.

Using PX4#

The new Vehicles element allows to specify which vehicles to create. To use PX4, please see this section.


The old AdditionalCameras setting is now replaced by Cameras element within vehicle setting.