How to Create Issue or Ask Question Effectively#

AirSim is open source project and contributors like you keeps it going. It is important to respect contributors time and effort when you are asking a question or filing an issue. Your chances of receiving helpful response would increase if you follow below guidelines:


  • Search issues to see if someone already has asked it.
  • Chose title that is short and summarizes well.
  • Copy and paste full error message.
  • Precisely describe steps you used that produced the error message or symptom.
  • Describe what vehicle, mode, OS, AirSim version and other settings you are using.
  • Copy and paste minimal version of code that reproduces the problem.
  • Tell us what the goal you want to achieve or expected output.
  • Tell us what you did so far to debug this issue.


  • Do not use "Please help" etc in the title. See above.
  • Do not copy and paste screen shot of error message. Copy and paste text.
  • Do not use "it doesn't work". Precisely state what is the error message or symptom.
  • Do not ask to write code for you. Contribute!