How to Use Car in AirSim#

By default AirSim prompts user for which vehicle to use. You can easily change this by setting SimMode. For example, if you want to use car instead then just set the SimMode in your settings.json which you can find in your ~/Documents/AirSim folder, like this:

  "SettingsVersion": 1.2,
  "SimMode": "Car"

Now when you restart AirSim, you should see the car spawned automatically.

Manual Driving#

Please use the keyboard arrow keys to drive manually. Spacebar for the handbrake. In manual drive mode, gears are set in "auto".

Using APIs#

You can control the car, get state and images by calling APIs in variety of client languages including C++ and Python. Please see APIs doc for more details.

Changing Views#

By default camera will chase the car from the back. You can get the FPV view by pressing F key and switch back to chasing from back view by pressing / key. More keyboard shortcuts can be seen by pressing F1.


By default car is installed with 5 cameras: center, left and right, driver and reverse. You can chose the images from these camera by specifying the name.