Welcome to MavLinkMoCap#

This folder contains the MavLinkMoCap library which connects to a OptiTrack camera system for accurate indoor location.


Setup RigidBody#

First you need to define a RigidBody named 'Quadrocopter' using Motive. See Rigid_Body_Tracking.


Use MavLinkTest to talk to your PX4 drone, with "-server:addr:port", for example, when connected to drone wifi use:

MavLinkMoCap -server: "-project:D:\OptiTrack\Motive Project 2016-12-19 04.09.42 PM.ttp"

This publishes the ATT_POS_MOCAP messages and you can proxy those through to the PX4 by running MavLinkTest on the dronebrain using:

MavLinkTest -serial:/dev/ttyACM0,115200 -proxy:

Now the drone will get the ATT_POS_MOCAP and you should see the light turn green meaning it is now has a home position and is ready to fly.