QCoDeS 0.30.0 (2021-11-23)


  • A new DataSet type DataSetInMem has been added. This allows users to meassure without writing raw data to an sqlite database as well as to load netcdf files into a QCoDeS dataset. See here and here. (#3094)

  • Added function get_channel_by_name to ChannelList class to get or or more channels in a ChannelList by name. (#3431)

  • The changelog for upcoming changes in the next release is now automatically build from fragments as part of the documentation. (#3451)


  • The QcoDeS monitor can now be launched directly from a console using by running qcodes-monitor(.exe) (#3475)

  • dond avoids setting setpoint parameters with values that are already set. This significantly improves the performance of the dond function in multi-dimensional measurements. (#3534)

  • doNd functions now manually wait the delay between setpoints instead of using parameters post_delay attribute. This change prevents unintentional slow downs in measurements when the step delay of a setpoint parameter is considerably lower than the delay between measurement step points that passed into doNd functions. (#3576)

  • It is now possible to configure the name of an exported files to include elements such as guid, sample_name and experiment_name. The default format has changed to include the captured_run_id and guid. (#3586)

Improved Drivers:

  • Tektronix AWG70000 add support for 70001B and 70002B models. (#3438)

  • Added support for flags (auxiliary outputs) for Tektronix AWG70000 sequences (#3450)

  • The Galil documentation is now correctly included in the QCoDeS docs (#3452)

  • Improved the drivers for Keysight N51x1 and N51x3 signal generators by:

    • Adding explicit support for N5173B

    • Fixing the power range of N5183B

    • Fixing the frequency range options for N51x1 (#3555)

Under the hood:

  • The QCoDeS changelog is now being build using towncrier. (#3397)