Supported Features

Use the details on this page to review the Power BI custom visual components/APIs that are currently implemented in Excel. When developing, remember:

  1. Unsupported features are ignored in Excel workbooks. Visuals may still make use of them when inserted into Power BI reports.
    You only need to build one visual for use in both applications.
  2. Currently, custom visuals in Excel connect directly to data as it exists in the spreadsheet. Source data must be:
    • a contiguous range of cells
    • oriented with data fields as columns and records as rows
    • pre-processed with any desired calculations (including aggregations)


Read more about capabilities here.

Capability Supported in Excel
dataRoles see details below
dataViewMappings see details below
objects see details below
advancedEditModeSupport no
dataReductionAlgorithm no
drilldown no
supportsHighlight no
suppressDefaultTitle no
sorting no

dataRoles and dataViewMappings

Read more about dataRoles here.
Read more about dataViewMappings here.

dataViewMapping Supported in Excel
categorical Yes*
matrix No
scriptResult No
single No
table No

*Excel does not currently support “group” dataRoles in the categorical dataViewMapping. No field well will appear in the Excel Chart task pane for “group” dataRoles.


Read more about Objects here.

Object Supported in Excel
bool Yes
enumeration Yes
fill Yes
integer Yes
numeric Yes
text Yes
fillRule No
formatting No
filter No
operation No
scripting No
geography No

API Methods/Properties

Read more about API Methods and Properties here.

Method Supported in Excel
createSelectionIDBuilder Yes
createSelectionManager Yes
persistProperties Yes
applyJsonFilter No
createLocalizationManager No
fetchMoreData No
launchUrl No
refreshHostData No
Property Supported in Excel
colorPallette Yes
allowInteractions No
authenticationService No
instanceID No
Locale No
tooltipService No

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