Advanced Edit Mode

The article is outdated, read updated article about advanced edit mode in official documentation of Power BI.

Visuals that require advanced UI controls can declare support of Advanced Edit Mode. If supported, when in report editing mode, an Edit button will appear in the visual’s menu. When the Edit button is clicked, EditMode is set to Advanced. The visual can use the EditMode flag to determine whether or not it should display such UI controls.

By default, the visual does not support Advanced Edit Mode. If a different behavior is required, it should be explicitly stated in the visual’s capabilities.json file, by setting the advancedEditModeSupport property.

The possible values are:

  • 0 - NotSupported

  • 1 - SupportedNoAction

  • 2 - SupportedInFocus

Entering Advanced Edit Mode

Edit button will be visible if:

  • 1 - advancedEditModeSupport property set in capabilities.json to either SupportedNoAction or SupportedInFocus
  • 2 - The visual is viewed in report editing mode. If advancedEditModeSupport property is missing from capabilities.json, or set to NotSupported, the ‘Edit’ button will not appear.

Enter edit mode

When the user clicks on Edit, the visual will get an update() call with EditMode set to Advanced. According to the value set in the capabilities, the following will occur:

  • SupportedNoAction - No further action by the host.
  • SupportedInFocus - The host pops out the visual into in focus mode.