The article is outdated, read updated article about sorting in official documentation of Power BI.

Sorting specifies the default sorting behavior for the visual. Capability requires one of the parameters described below:

Default sorting

The default option is the simplest form. It allows sorting the data presented in the ‘DataMappings’ section. This option enables sorting of the ‘DataMappings’ by the user and to specify the sorting direction.

    "sorting": {
        "default": {   }

Implicit sorting

implicit is sorting with array parameter - clauses which describes sorting for each data roles. implicit means that visual’s user can’t change the sorting order. Power BI will not display sorting options in visual’s menu. However, Power BI will sort data according to specified settings.

clauses params can contain several objects with two parameters:

  • role - determines DataMapping for sorting.

  • direction - determines sort direction (1 = Ascending, 2 = Descending).

    "sorting": {
        "implicit": {
            "clauses": [
                    "role": "category",
                    "direction": 1
                    "role": "measure",
                    "direction": 2

Custom sorting

custom means the sorting is managed by developer in visual’s code