Change Log - Visuals API

The page contains a quick summary of the API versions. Versions listed on this page are considered stable and should not change.

API v2.6

  • Added isInFocus to update option and switchFocusModeState method to visual host
  • Now Custom Visuals support subtotals customization

API v2.5

  • Analytics Pane Support
  • The DataRepetitionSelector interface is no longer supported, it was replaced with data.CustomVisualOpaqueIdentity interface
  • SelectionIdBuilder supports withMatrixNode and withTable methods

API v2.3

API v2.2

API v2.1

  • Significant performance enhancements:
  • Faster loading times
  • Significantly smaller memory footprint
  • Optimized data and event transactions
    Release notes

API v1.13

  • Sync Slicers - Added Sync Slicers feature. Note that it’ll work only for single field slicers for now due to PBI current code state. Read more
  • Accessibility: High-contrast support
  • Accessibility: Allow Keyboard Focus flag

API v1.12

API v1.11

API v1.10

  • Added ILocalizationManager
  • Added Authentication API call support

API v1.9

API v1.8

  • Added new type “fillRule” (gradient) support in capabilities schema
  • Added “rule” property support in capabilities schema for object properties

API v1.7

API v1.6.2

API v1.5.0

API v1.4.0

API v1.3.0

API v1.2.0

  • colorPallette - manage the colors used on your visual.
  • Multiple selection - selectionManager can accept an array of SelectionId.
  • R visuals - support for custom visuals using R scripts

API v1.1.0

  • Debug visual in iFrame
  • Light weight sandbox - faster initialization of the iFrame
  • Fix issue in Capabilities.objects does not support “text” type
  • Add pbiviz update to support updating visual API type definitions and schema
  • Add --api-version flag to pbiviz new to support creating visuals with a specific api version
  • Add support for alpha release of API v1.2.0

  • Visual Host Addtions
    • createSelectionIdBuilder - allows for creation of unique identifiers used for data selection
    • createSelectionManager - manages the selection state of the visual and communicates changes to the visual host
    • colors - an array of default colors to use in your visual

API v1.0.0

  • Initial API release