Change Log - Visuals API

The page contains a quick summary of the API versions.

Versions listed on this page are considered stable and should not change. For information about upcoming versions and features see the Roadmap.

API v2.3

API v2.2

API v2.1

  • Significant performance enhancements:
  • Faster loading times
  • Significantly smaller memory footprint
  • Optimized data and event transactions
    Release notes

API v1.13

  • Sync Slicers - Added Sync Slicers feature. Note that it’ll work only for single field slicers for now due to PBI current code state. Read more
  • Accessibility: High-contrast support
  • Accessibility: Allow Keyboard Focus flag

API v1.12

API v1.11

API v1.10

  • Added ILocalizationManager
  • Added Authentication API call support

API v1.9

API v1.8

  • Added new type “fillRule” (gradient) support in capabilities schema
  • Added “rule” property support in capabilities schema for object properties

API v1.7

API v1.6.2

API v1.5.0

API v1.4.0

API v1.3.0

API v1.2.0

  • colorPallette - manage the colors used on your visual.
  • Multiple selection - selectionManager can accept an array of SelectionId.
  • R visuals - support for custom visuals using R scripts

API v1.1.0

  • Debug visual in iFrame
  • Light weight sandbox - faster initialization of the iFrame
  • Fix issue in Capabilities.objects does not support “text” type
  • Add pbiviz update to support updating visual API type definitions and schema
  • Add --api-version flag to pbiviz new to support creating visuals with a specific api version
  • Add support for alpha release of API v1.2.0

  • Visual Host Addtions
    • createSelectionIdBuilder - allows for creation of unique identifiers used for data selection
    • createSelectionManager - manages the selection state of the visual and communicates changes to the visual host
    • colors - an array of default colors to use in your visual

API v1.0.0

  • Initial API release