Adding Selection and interaction with other visuals

Selection provides the ability for the user to interact with your visual and also interact with other visuals.

See commit for what was added at this step.

Adding Selection to Each Data Point

Since each data point is unique, selection must be added to each data point. Add a property for selection on BarChartDataPoint interface.

 * Interface for BarChart data points.
 * @interface
 * @property {number} value             - Data value for point.
 * @property {string} category          - Corresponding category of data value.
 * @property {string} color             - Color corresponding to data point.
 * @property {ISelectionId} selectionId - Id assigned to data point for cross filtering
 *                                        and visual interaction.
interface BarChartDataPoint {
    value: number;
    category: string;
    color: string;
    selectionId: ISelectionId;

Assigning Selection Ids to Each Data Point

Since we iterate through the data points in visualTransform it is also the ideal place to create your selection ids. The host variable is a IVisualHost, which contains services that the visual may use such as color and selection builder.

Use the selection builder factory method on IVisualHost to create a new selection id. Since we’re making selection only based on the category, we only need to define selection withCategory.

NOTE: A new selection builder must be created per data point.

for (let i = 0, len = Math.max(category.values.length, dataValue.values.length); i < len; i++) {
        category: category.values[i],
        value: dataValue.values[i],
        color: colorPalette.getColor(category.values[i]).value,
        selectionId: host.createSelectionIdBuilder()
            .withCategory(category, i)

For more information, see the section about using Selection Id Builder.

Interacting with your Data Points

Each bar on the bar chart can be interacted with once a selection id is assigned to the data point. The bar chart will listen to click events.

Use the selection manager factory method on IVisualHost to create selection manager. This allow for cross filtering and clearing selections.

let selectionManager = this.selectionManager;

//This must be an anonymous function instead of a lambda because
//d3 uses 'this' as the reference to the element that was clicked.
bars.on('click', function(d) { ISelectionId[]) => {
            'fill-opacity': ids.length > 0 ? BarChart.Config.transparentOpacity : BarChart.Config.solidOpacity
            'fill-opacity': BarChart.Config.solidOpacity


For more information, see the section about using Selection Manager.