Source code for qcodes.dataset.dond.do_nd_utils

from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from import Callable, Iterator, Sequence
from contextlib import contextmanager
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional

    import matplotlib.axes
    import matplotlib.colorbar

    from qcodes.dataset.measurements import Measurement

from qcodes.dataset.data_set_protocol import DataSetProtocol
from qcodes.dataset.plotting import plot_and_save_image
from qcodes.parameters import MultiParameter, ParameterBase

    from qcodes.dataset.descriptions.versioning.rundescribertypes import Shapes

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

ActionsT = Sequence[Callable[[], None]]
BreakConditionT = Callable[[], bool]

ParamMeasT = ParameterBase | Callable[[], None]

AxesTuple = tuple["matplotlib.axes.Axes", "matplotlib.colorbar.Colorbar"]
AxesTupleList = tuple[
    list["matplotlib.axes.Axes"], list[Optional["matplotlib.colorbar.Colorbar"]]
AxesTupleListWithDataSet = tuple[
    tuple[Optional["matplotlib.axes.Axes"], ...],
    tuple[Optional["matplotlib.colorbar.Colorbar"], ...],
MultiAxesTupleListWithDataSet = tuple[
    tuple[DataSetProtocol, ...],
    tuple[tuple[Optional["matplotlib.axes.Axes"], ...], ...],
    tuple[tuple[Optional["matplotlib.colorbar.Colorbar"], ...], ...],

[docs] class BreakConditionInterrupt(Exception): pass
MeasInterruptT = KeyboardInterrupt | BreakConditionInterrupt | None def _register_parameters( meas: Measurement, param_meas: Sequence[ParamMeasT], setpoints: Sequence[ParameterBase] | None = None, shapes: Shapes | None = None, ) -> None: real_parameters = [ param for param in param_meas if isinstance(param, ParameterBase) ] for parameter in real_parameters: meas.register_parameter(parameter, setpoints=setpoints) if shapes is not None: parameter_names = [param.full_name for param in real_parameters] for param in real_parameters: if isinstance(param, MultiParameter): parameter_names.extend(param.full_names) filtered_shapes = { name: shape for name, shape in shapes.items() if name in parameter_names } meas.set_shapes(shapes=filtered_shapes) def _set_write_period(meas: Measurement, write_period: float | None = None) -> None: if write_period is not None: meas.write_period = write_period def _handle_plotting( data: DataSetProtocol, do_plot: bool = True, interrupted: MeasInterruptT = None, ) -> AxesTupleListWithDataSet: """ Save the plots created by datasaver as pdf and png Args: data: a dataset to generate plots from as plot. do_plot: Should a plot be produced interrupted: If the measurement was interrupted, this will be the exception. """ res: AxesTupleListWithDataSet if do_plot: res = plot_and_save_image(data) else: res = data, (None,), (None,) if interrupted: log.warning( f"Measurement has been interrupted, data may be incomplete: {interrupted}" ) return res def _register_actions( meas: Measurement, enter_actions: ActionsT, exit_actions: ActionsT ) -> None: for action in enter_actions: # this omits the possibility of passing # argument to enter and exit actions. # Do we want that? meas.add_before_run(action, ()) for action in exit_actions: meas.add_after_run(action, ()) @contextmanager def catch_interrupts() -> Iterator[Callable[[], MeasInterruptT]]: interrupt_exception = None def get_interrupt_exception() -> MeasInterruptT: nonlocal interrupt_exception return interrupt_exception try: yield get_interrupt_exception except (KeyboardInterrupt, BreakConditionInterrupt) as e: interrupt_exception = e