Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.Keysight.Keysight_34461A_submodules

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from typing_extensions import deprecated

from qcodes.utils import QCoDeSDeprecationWarning

from .private.Keysight_344xxA_submodules import Keysight344xxA

    from typing_extensions import Unpack

    from qcodes.instrument import VisaInstrumentKWArgs

[docs] class Keysight34461A(Keysight344xxA): """ This is the qcodes driver for the Keysight 34461A Multimeter """ def __init__( self, name: str, address: str, silent: bool = False, **kwargs: "Unpack[VisaInstrumentKWArgs]", ): super().__init__(name, address, silent, **kwargs)
@deprecated("Use Keysight34461A", category=QCoDeSDeprecationWarning) class Keysight_34461A(Keysight344xxA): """ Alias for backwards compatibility. """