Source code for qcodes.utils.deep_update_utils

from collections import abc
from import Hashable, Mapping, MutableMapping
from copy import deepcopy
from typing import Any, TypeVar, cast

K = TypeVar("K", bound=Hashable)
L = TypeVar("L", bound=Hashable)

[docs] def deep_update( dest: MutableMapping[K, Any], update: Mapping[L, Any] ) -> MutableMapping[K | L, Any]: """ Recursively update one JSON structure with another. Only dives into nested dicts; lists get replaced completely. If the original value is a dictionary and the new value is not, or vice versa, we also replace the value completely. """ dest_int = cast(MutableMapping[K | L, Any], dest) for k, v_update in update.items(): v_dest = dest_int.get(k) if isinstance(v_update, abc.Mapping) and isinstance(v_dest, abc.MutableMapping): deep_update(v_dest, v_update) else: dest_int[k] = deepcopy(v_update) return dest_int