Source code for qcodes.utils.function_helpers

from asyncio import iscoroutinefunction
from inspect import signature

[docs] def is_function(f: object, arg_count: int, coroutine: bool = False) -> bool: """ Check and require a function that can accept the specified number of positional arguments, which either is or is not a coroutine type casting "functions" are allowed, but only in the 1-argument form. Args: f: Function to check. arg_count: Number of argument f should accept. coroutine: Is a coroutine. Return: bool: is function and accepts the specified number of arguments. """ if not isinstance(arg_count, int) or arg_count < 0: raise TypeError("arg_count must be a non-negative integer") if not (callable(f) and bool(coroutine) is iscoroutinefunction(f)): return False if isinstance(f, type): # for type casting functions, eg int, str, float # only support the one-parameter form of these, # otherwise the user should make an explicit function. return arg_count == 1 try: sig = signature(f) except ValueError: # some built-in functions/methods don't describe themselves to inspect # we already know it's a callable and coroutine is correct. return True try: inputs = [0] * arg_count sig.bind(*inputs) return True except TypeError: return False