Source code for qcodes.utils.partial_utils

from functools import partial
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any

    from import Callable

[docs] def partial_with_docstring( func: "Callable[..., Any]", docstring: str, **kwargs: Any ) -> "Callable[..., Any]": """ We want to have a partial function which will allow us to access the docstring through the python built-in help function. This is particularly important for client-facing driver methods, whose arguments might not be obvious. Consider the follow example why this is needed: >>> from functools import partial >>> def f(): >>> ... pass >>> g = partial(f) >>> g.__doc__ = "bla" >>> help(g) # this will print the docstring of partial and not the docstring set above Args: func: A function that its docstring will be accessed. docstring: The docstring of the corresponding function. **kwargs: Keyword arguments passed to the function. """ ex = partial(func, **kwargs) def inner(*inner_args: Any, **inner_kwargs: Any) -> Any: return ex(*inner_args, **inner_kwargs) inner.__doc__ = docstring return inner