Source code for qcodes.utils.snapshot_helpers

from typing import Any, NamedTuple, TypeVar

T = TypeVar("T")

# Unbound parameters or Instrument parameters
ParameterKey = str | tuple[str, str]

ParameterDict = dict[ParameterKey, T]
Snapshot = dict[str, Any]

[docs] class ParameterDiff(NamedTuple): # Cannot be generic in Python < 3.7: # left_only: ParameterDict[Any] right_only: ParameterDict[Any] changed: ParameterDict[tuple[Any, Any]]
[docs] def extract_param_values(snapshot: Snapshot) -> dict[ParameterKey, Any]: """ Given a snapshot, returns a dictionary from instrument and parameter names onto parameter values. """ parameters = {} snapshot = snapshot.get("station", snapshot) for param_name, param in snapshot["parameters"].items(): parameters[param_name] = param["value"] if "instruments" in snapshot: for instrument_name, instrument in snapshot["instruments"].items(): for param_name, param in instrument["parameters"].items(): if "value" in param: parameters[instrument_name, param_name] = param["value"] return parameters
[docs] def diff_param_values( left_snapshot: Snapshot, right_snapshot: Snapshot ) -> ParameterDiff: """ Given two snapshots, returns the differences between parameter values in each. """ left_params, right_params = map( extract_param_values, (left_snapshot, right_snapshot) ) left_keys, right_keys = ( set(params.keys()) for params in (left_params, right_params) ) common_keys = left_keys.intersection(right_keys) return ParameterDiff( left_only={key: left_params[key] for key in left_keys.difference(common_keys)}, right_only={ key: right_params[key] for key in right_keys.difference(common_keys) }, changed={ key: (left_params[key], right_params[key]) for key in common_keys if left_params[key] != right_params[key] }, )