The MidiChannel class is used to provide formatting and data validation for MIDI 1.0 and MIDI 2.0 channels. For clarity, the 0-15 value used in all messages is the Index and the 1-16 value those are mapped to for user display, is the DisplayValue.


MidiChannel(UInt8) Create a MidiChannel with the specified channel Index (0-15). Any data in the upper 4 bits of the provided byte is ignored, so you may pass in an entire status + channel value here without first cleaning it.


Index The data value, or channel Index (0-15)
DisplayValue The number that should be displayed in any UI. (1-16)

Static Properties

ShortLabel Returns the localized abbreviation. For example, “Ch” in English.
LongLabel Returns the localized full name. For example, “Channel” in English.

Static Methods

IsValidIndex(UInt8) Verifies that the provided index is valid (between 0 and 15)

See also

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