MidiFunctionBlockMidi10 Enumeration

Indicates the MIDI 1.0 capability restrictions for a function block. Note that Windows MIDI Services does not currently throttle the speed of outbound messages, even if the block indicates it has restricted bandwidth.


Property Value Description
Not10 0x0 This function block is not a MIDI 1.0 function.
YesBandwidthUnrestricted 0x1 This block represents a MIDI 1.0 function, but has the ability to receive messages faster than the original MIDI 1.0 protocol speed.
YesBandwidthRestricted 0x2 This block represents a MIDI 1.0 function, and applications should take care to send messages to it at the normal MIDI 1.0 protocol speed.
Reserved 0x3 Reserved for future use.


MidiFunctionBlockRepresentsMidi10Connection IDL