Before you can connect to an endpoint, you must start a new MIDI session.

An application may have any number of sessions open. For example, the application may open one session per open project, or one session per tab in the case of a browser. The lifetime of endpoint connections opened through a session are controlled through the session.


SessionId Generated Id for the session
Name Name for this session. To change the name after creating the session, use the UpdateName() function. This will update the service
Settings The settings used to create this session
IsOpen True if this session is open and ready to use
Connections Map of all endpoint connections created through this session. Disconnecting an endpoint using DisconnectEndpointConnection will remove the connection from this map. The map key is the generated connection GUID that identifies an instance of an endpoint connection

Static Methods

The two static functions are factory-pattern methods for creating a new session.

Create(sessionName) Create and return a new session with the specified name


CreateEndpointConnection(String) Create a new connection to the specified endpoint device Id
CreateEndpointConnection(String, Boolean) Create a new connection to the specified endpoint device Id, with an option to reconnect if a device is disconnected and then reconnected while the connection object is alive
CreateEndpointConnection(String, Boolean, IMidiEndpointConnectionSettings) Create a new connection to the specified endpoint device Id, using the provided reconnect value and endpoint-specific settings
DisconnectEndpointConnection(endpointConnectionId) Cleanly disconnect an endpoint connection and remove it from the connection map
UpdateName(newName) Update the name of this session locally and in the MIDI Service

Note: If you manually close a MidiEndpointConnection using IClosable (or IDisposable), it will not be removed from the MidiSession’s collection of endpoints. Instead, use the DisconnectEndpointConnection method of the session to keep both in sync. For that reason, we do not recommend that you wrap the CreateEndpointConnection calls in a using statement.

See also

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using (var session = MidiSession.CreateSession("API Sample Session"))