Represents a notification that endpoint properties have been updated


Property Description
EndpointDeviceId Id of the endpoint which has been updated
IsNameUpdated True if the name properties have been updated
IsEndpointInformationUpdated True if the in-protocol endpoint information has been updated
IsDeviceIdentityUpdated True if the in-protocol device identity information has been updated
IsStreamConfigurationUpdated True if protocol negotiation changed configuration of the endpoint
AreFunctionBlocksUpdated True if any function blocks have been updated
IsUserMetadataUpdated True if any user-supplied metadata fields have been updated
AreAdditionalCapabilitiesUpdated True if the additional capabilities have been updated
DeviceInformationUpdate The source Windows.Devices.Enumeration.DeviceInformationUpdate object.

If none of the UpdatedXX properties are true, then other properties have been updated.


MidiEndpointDeviceInformationUpdatedEventArgs IDL