Property Description
DeviceEndpointDeviceId The EndpointDeviceId to be used by the app creating the virtual device
ClientEndpointDeviceId The EndpointDeviceId to be used by apps which want to connect to this virtual device
FunctionBlocks Current list of function blocks for this device.
SuppressHandledMessages True if the protocol messages handled by this class should be filtered out of the incoming message stream


Function Description
UpdateFunctionBlock Update the properties of a single function block. The number of actual function blocks cannot change after creation (per the UMP specification) but blocks may be marked as active or inactive. Changes here will result in the MIDI 2.0 function block notification messages being sent out.
UpdateEndpointName Update the endpoint name, and send out the appropriate endpoint name notification messages.


Event Description
StreamConfigRequestReceived(device, args) Raised when this device receives a Stream Configuration Request UMP message.


MidiVirtualDevice IDL