Midi1ChannelVoiceMessageStatus Enumeration

Status to use for MIDI 1.0 Channel Voice messages. Note that not all MIDI 1.0 messages are channel voice messages, so this is not an exhaustive list of MIDI 1.0 messages. However, this is the total set of MIDI 1.0 messages which can be used in a MIDI Universal MIDI Packet Message type 2.


Property Value Description
NoteOff 0x8 MIDI 1.0 Note Off message
NoteOn 0x9 MIDI 1.0 Note On message
PolyPressure 0xA MIDI 1.0 polyphonic pressure message
ControlChange 0xB MIDI 1.0 control change message
ProgramChange 0xC MIDI 1.0 program change message
ChannelPressure 0xD MIDI 1.0 channel pressure message
PitchBend 0xE MIDI 1.0 pitch bend message


Midi1ChannelVoiceMessageStatus IDL