This interface is implemented by the rich MidiMessageXX runtime class types. It may also be used as the interface for message-specific classes you create yourself.


Property Description
Timestamp 64 bit timestamp set by the receiving transport in the case of incoming messages, or by the sender in the case of outgoing messages
MessageType A MidiMessageType enumeration value which represents the 4 bit MIDI Message type 0x0 - 0xF as defined by the MIDI UMP standard.
PacketType A MidiPacketType enumeration value which can be cast to an int to get the number of 32-bit words in the message packet


Function Description
PeekFirstWord() Provides access to the first word of data, even if the message type and size is not yet known by the API user
GetAllWords() Returns all the message words as a list of 32-bit words
AppendAllMessageWordsToList(targetList) Appends all the message words from this message to the target list, and returns the count of words added.
FillBuffer(byteOffset, targetList) Adds the message bytes to the buffer starting at the specified offset, and returns the count of bytes added.


IMidiUniversalPacket IDL