This class represents an open Windows MIDI Services session.


Property Description
SessionId The generated internal GUID for the session
ProcessId The process id for the session
ProcessName The process name for the session, captured when the session was created
SessionName The name of the session provided through the API
StartTime The date and time the session was created
Connections A list of MidiSessionConnectionInformation objects detailing the connections currently open for this session


The Windows MIDI Services Console app uses the MidiSessionInformation MidiSessionConnectionInformation and the MidiService class to display active sessions.

Console midi enum sessions

In this case, you can see three open sessions. The process name and process id are on the left. The session name is in the text on the right, after the word “Session”, and the start time is the date and time in green. Finally, the list of connections for each session is underneath the session information.


MidiSessionInformation IDL