MidiEndpointDevicePurpose Enumeration

Indicates the intended purpose of the endpoint. Use this to help classify endpoints you show to users in your application. This value is also used internally when filtering endpoints per the MidiEndpointDeviceInformationFilter enumeration.


Property Value Description
NormalMessageEndpoint 0 The endpoint is any number of normal messaging endpoint types.
VirtualDeviceResponder 100 The endpoint is the device-side of an app-to-app MIDI connection. Only the device app should use this endpoint.
InBoxGeneralMidiSynth 400 The endpoint represents the internal General MIDI Synthesizer
DiagnosticLoopback 500 The endpoint is one of the static system-wide diagnostics loopback endpoints. These are not normally used in applications
DiagnosticPing 510 The endpoint is the internal diagnostics ping endpoint. This endpoint should never be used by applications as it is reserved for the MidiService ping feature.


MidiEndpointDevicePurposeEnum IDL