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The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles course is an introductory class for High School students (typically 14-18 years old). While academically rigorous, the AP Computer Science Principles course is designed to attract students of all backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. Therefore, the course covers a wide range of computing topics with a special focus on the impact of technology and computing on students’ lives. The course covers a full academic year, does not require any prerequisites, and an end-of-course exam may be taken to receive college credit.

The AP CS Principles with Microsoft MakeCode curriculum is free and uses web-based technology and tools that can be accessed across platforms and devices. The curriculum is also endorsed and approved by the College Board as aligning with the CS Principles curriculum framework and AP CS Principles exam.

Some additional features of the Microsoft MakeCode curriculum include:

  • Game-based learning for increased student engagement using the MakeCode Arcade platform.
  • Visual block-based programming environment, with JavaScript and Python options for more advanced students.
  • Creativity and self-expression encouraged through the creation of custom game assets, characters and storylines.
  • Easy ability to share games and projects with friends and family.
  • Focus on Design Thinking Process for student projects.
  • Optional Service Learning module, and physical computing lesson options with the micro:bit.
  • Educator Professional Development available.

Educator Materials

The course materials include:

  • Daily Lesson plans in the form of a OneNote notebook.
  • PowerPoint decks for classroom lectures with talking points in the Notes section.
  • Textbook Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness After the Digital Explosion.
  • Student projects, labs and activities (with solutions where appropriate).

Download Educator Materials

All of the materials for the AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode course are available to download. You must be a verified educator to download the course materials. Please create a GitHub Educator account, see the instructions here.

Download the course materials:

Course Materials Downloads

Stay Connected

If you decide to use the AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode curriculum or materials, please keep in touch. Join the Microsoft MakeCode AP CSP Forum to connect with other Educators teaching the course, ask questions, or give feedback on course materials. Please also follow @MSMakeCode on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.

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