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AzureTRE Deployment repo

AzureTRE has an OSS deployment repository which you can find here. It contains all the required tooling to develop your custom templates and deploy the Azure TRE:

  • Github Actions implementing AzureTRE automation, including running deployments to Azure
  • Configuration specific to deployment
  • Directories setup for: workspace, workspace service and user resource template definitions
  • Devcontainer setup

Getting Started

To get started with AzureTRE follow the next steps:

  1. Go to AzureTRE Deployment repository
  2. Click on use this template to set up your project from this template:

    Use AzureTRE Deployment template

  3. Follow the steps in this Github templates guide to set up the repo.


The following steps in this guide should be done using the deployment repo.

Next steps