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Installing workspace service and user resource

Publish and register a workspace service template

We will use the Guacamole workspace service bundle for the purposes of this tutorial; a template that provides Virtual Desktop functionality allowing the deployment of VMs for users. These steps can be repeated for any workspace service template depending on the functionalities required.

  1. Run:
    make workspace_service_bundle BUNDLE=guacamole

Publish and register a user resource template

The Guacamole workspace service also has user resources: the VMs that researchers will deploy. These steps can be repeated for any user resource template.

  1. Run:
    make user_resource_bundle BUNDLE=guacamole-azure-windowsvm WORKSPACE_SERVICE=guacamole

Creating a workspace service

Now that we have published and registered both workspace service and user resource bundles we can use the UI to create a workspace service in our workspace.

  1. In the UI go to the workspace you have created in the previous step and click on Create New under Workspace Services:

    Create Workspace Service 2. Choose the Guacamole (Vurtual Desktop) template: Choose Workspace Service Template 3. Fill in the details: Fill Workspace Service Details 4. Go to operations tab and wait till the status is deployed: Workspace Service Status

Creating a user resource

Having published and registered the user resource bundles and a Guacamole workspace service is deployed we can now create the VM user resource the researcher can connect and work on.

To create a VM user resource follow the next steps:

  1. Inside the Guacamole workspace service created in a previous step, go to Resources and click on Create New: Create User Resource
  2. Select the VM template and click on Create: Select User Resource Template
  3. Fill in the details and click on Submit: Fill VM details
  4. Go to the reource: Go to resource
  5. Wait until the status is deployed. Once deployed you can connect to the VM: VM status