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Guacamole Service bundle


Firewall Rules

Please be aware that the following Firewall rules are opened for the workspace when this service is deployed:

Service Tags:

  • AzureActiveDirectory


Guacamole Workspace Service Configuration

When deploying a Guacamole service into a workspace the following properties need to be configured.

Optional Properties

Property Options Description
guac_disable_copy true/false (Default: true) Disable Copy functionality
guac_disable_paste true/false (Default: false) Disable Paste functionality"
guac_enable_drive true/false (Default: true) Enable mounted drive
guac_disable_download true/false (Default: true) Disable files download
guac_disable_upload true/false (Default: true) Disable files upload
is_exposed_externally true/false (Default: true) Is the Guacamole service exposed outside of the vnet