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Gitea Workspace Service


Firewall Rules

The Gitea worskpace service opens outbound access to:

  • AzureActiveDirectory
  • Azure AD CDN -


  • The Gitea workspace service container image needs building and pushing:

    make workspace_service_bundle BUNDLE=gitea

Authenticating to Gitea and setting up a local username and password

  1. Navigate to the Gitea workspace service using the connection URI from the details tab.
  2. and from the menu click the Sign in button.
  3. Click sign in with OpenID button and sign in with the same credentials used to access the workspace.
  4. Once succesfully signed in choose a username.
  5. Navigate to the user settings and under the account tab set a password for your account( https://<gitea_url>/user/settings/account ). This username and passowrd should be used to authenticate against Gitea when carrying out git operations.