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Creating Custom templates

This document will show how to create custom templates and integrate them into your CI/CD pipelines.

Templates types

There are 3 types of templates:

  1. Workspace
  2. Workspace Service
  3. User Resource

Read more about them here

How to add custom templates

AzureTRE deployment repository has directories set up for workspace, workspace service and user resource template definitions.

See the template authoring guide to learn more about how to author templates.

To add your custom templates follow the next steps:

  1. Add your template under the relevant folder (For example: if you are adding a new workspace template then place it under /templates/workspaces folder).
  2. Use existing templates in AzureTRE as a reference.
  3. Add porter configuration - AzureTRE uses Porter as a solution for implementing and deploying workspaces and workspace, learn more about how it is used in AzureTRE here.
  4. Add terraform scripts to set up your deployment plan.
    • Define resource template in the API - follow this readme to register your template.
    • Use the AzureTRE UI to deploy your resources
    • Add your custom templates to CI/CD workflows - in Deploy Azure TRE Reusable workflow make sure to add your bundles under register_bundles and publish_bundles steps.

Publish and Register Custom templates in the CI/CD

See the pipelines documentation to learn more about publishing and registering your custom templates as part of the CI/CD/

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