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End-to-end (E2E) tests


  1. Authentication and Authorization configuration set up as noted here
  2. An Azure Tre deployed environment.

Registering bundles to run End-to-end tests

End-to-end tests depend on certain bundles to be registered within the TRE API.

When End-to-end tests run in CI, they are registered as a prerequisite to running tests.

When running tests locally, use the prepare-for-e2e Makefile target:

make prepare-for-e2e

Debugging the End-to-End tests

Use the "Run and Debug" panel within Visual Studio Code, select "E2E Extended", "E2E Smoke" or "E2E Performance" in the drop down box and click play.

  • This will copy config.yaml settings to /workspaces/AzureTRE/e2e_tests/.env for you which supplies your authentciation details
  • This will also use /workspaces/AzureTRE/core/private.env file for other values.