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Airlock Notifications Shared Service

This shared service connects to the Airlock's notification event grid and send emails to the researchers/ws owners upon Airlock requests changes.

Development and modification

This service was built with extensibility and modification in mind, since each organization might have different messaging platform and preferences.

From that reason, and for low-code development, Airlock notification service (or Airlock Notifier) is defined in an Azure Logic App workflow.

Editing the workflow can be done through the Azure Portal, or with the Azure Logic Apps (Standard) Visual Studio Code extension. In this repository, you will find that as the default, the email is sent using the Logic App SMTP connector. Since the connector is 'Managed', your environment or firewall must allow access for the outbound IP addresses used by these connectors in your datacenter region. In the future, the SMTP connection should transition into a 'Built-in connector', thus running in the same cluster as the Azure Logic Apps host runtime, and using virtual network (VNet) integration capabilities to access resources over a private network.

As an alternative to the SMTP connector, you can modify the Logic app to use other email and messaging platforms as connectors, like Office 365,, MailChimp, Mandrill.