Resource utilization and efficiency This article helps you understand the resource utilization and efficiency capability within the FinOps Framework and how to implement that in the Microsoft Cloud.

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Resource utilization and efficiency refers to the process of ensuring cloud services are utilized and tuned to maximize business value and minimize wasteful spending.

Review how services are being used and ensure each is maximizing return on investment. Evaluate and implement best practices and recommendations.

Every cost should have direct or indirect traceability back to business value. Eliminate fully “optimized” resources that aren’t contributing to business value.

Resource utilization and efficiency maximize the business value of cloud costs by avoiding unnecessary costs that don’t contribute to the mission, which in turn increases return on investment and profitability.

▶️ Getting started

When you first start managing cost in the cloud, you use the native tools to drive efficiency and optimize costs in the portal.

🏗️ Building on the basics

At this point, you’ve implemented all the basic cost optimization recommendations and tuned applications to meet the most fundamental best practices. As you move beyond the basics, consider the following points:

🍎 Learn more at the FinOps Foundation

This capability is a part of the FinOps Framework by the FinOps Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cloud cost management and optimization. For more information about FinOps, including useful playbooks, training and certification programs, and more, see the Resource utilization and efficiency capability article in the FinOps Framework documentation.

You can also find related videos on the FinOps Foundation YouTube channel:

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