Kick start your FinOps efforts Automate and extend the Microsoft Cloud with starter kits, scripts, and advanced solutions to accelerate your FinOps journey.

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The FinOps toolkit is a collection of customizable scripts and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates used to deploy and manage FinOps solutions that automate and extend native Microsoft Cloud capabilities. This includes:

  • Starter kits that help you get up and running with Cost Management.
  • Automation scripts to streamline cost management and optimization at scale.
  • Advanced solutions to facilitate building custom capabilities.

Read on to learn about the tools and roadmap for the FinOps toolkit or how to get involved.

🧰 Available tools

  • 🏦 FinOps hubs – Open, extensible, and scalable cost reporting.
  • πŸ“Š Power BI reports – Accelerate your reporting with Power BI starter kits.
  • πŸ“’ Cost optimization workbook – Central hub for cost optimization.
  • πŸ“’ Governance workbook – Central hub for governance.
  • πŸ–₯️ PowerShell module – Automate and manage FinOps solutions and capabilities.
  • 🦾 Bicep Registry modules – Official repository for Bicep modules.
  • 🌐 Open data – Data available for anyone to access, use, and share without restriction.
    • πŸ“ Pricing units – Microsoft pricing units, distinct units, and scaling factors.
    • πŸ—ΊοΈ Regions – Microsoft Commerce locations and Azure regions (IDs and names).
    • πŸ—ΊοΈ Resource types – Microsoft Azure resource type display names, icons, and more.
    • πŸŽ›οΈ Services – Microsoft consumed services, resource types, and FOCUS service categories.

In development

  • FinOps hubs – Ingest and normalize EA/MCA costs from multiple tenants into Azure Data Explorer.
  • PowerShell – Manage FinOps hubs and convert Cost Management data to FOCUS.

Download FinOps toolkit 0.2

πŸ—ΊοΈ Roadmap

We track the short-term roadmap for FinOps toolkit as milestones in GitHub. Each release includes the high-level goals, tasks, and a link to the release discussion.

Please use discussions in GitHub if you have questions, comments, or requests for any specific release.

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FinOps toolkit is an open source project. We have many ideas on the long-term vision, but are more interested in learning from you and seeing how the community drives the product. There are many ways you can contribute to the project from participating in discussions and requesting features to reviewing and submitting pull requests. To get started, refer to our contribution guide.

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πŸ“œ Changelog

All the main changes are tracked in the changelog. For additional details, refer to the commit history.

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