Remove-FinOpsHub Delete a FinOps hub instance, including all dependent resources.

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The Remove-FinOpsHub command removes a FinOps hub instance and optionally keep the storage account hosting cost data.

The comamnd returns a boolean value indicating whether all resources were successfully deleted.

🧮 Syntax

Remove-FinOpsHub `
    [-Name] <string> `
    [-ResourceGroup <string>] `
Remove-FinOpsHub `
    [-InputObject] <PSObject> `

📥 Parameters

Name Description
‑Name Required. Name of the FinOps hub instance.
‑InputObject Required when specifying InputObject. Expected object is the output of Get-FinOpsHub.
‑ResourceGroup Optional when specifying Name. Resource Group Name for the FinOps Hub.
‑KeepStorageAccount Optional. Indicates that the storage account associated with the FinOps Hub should be retained.

🌟 Examples

Remove a FinOps hub instance

Remove-FinOpsHub `
    -Name MyHub `
    -ResourceGroup MyRG `

Deletes a FinOps Hub named MyHub and deletes all associated resource except the storage account.

  • 🏦 FinOps hubs – Open, extensible, and scalable cost reporting.

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