Get-FinOpsRegion Gets an Azure region ID and name to clean up Cost Management cost data during ingestion.

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The Get-FinOpsRegion command returns an Azure region ID and name based on the specified resource location.

🧮 Syntax

Get-FinOpsRegion `
    [[-ResourceLocation] <string>] `
    [-RegionId <string>] `
    [-RegionName <string>]

📥 Parameters

Name Description  
ResouceLocation Optional. Resource location value from a Cost Management cost/usage details dataset. Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).  
RegionId Optional. Azure region ID (lowercase English name without spaces). Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).  
RegionName Optional. Azure region name (title case English name with spaces). Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).IncludeResourceLocation Optional. Indicates whether to include the ResourceLocation property in the output. Default = false.

🌟 Examples

Get a specific region

Get-FinOpsRegion -ResourceLocation "US East"

Returns the region ID and name for the East US region.

Get many regions with the original Cost Management value

Get-FinOpsRegion -RegionId "*asia*" -IncludeResourceLocation

Returns all Asia regions with the original Cost Management ResourceLocation value.

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